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Maine is home to the largest Black Bear population in the lower 48. Hunt over an active bait and wait patiently for a trophy Maine black bear to visit the site. The black bear is a cautious predator; scent free and quiet are the words of the day. If you are not "clean" and you move when you should have been still, you will never know the bear was there.

When planning your Maine bear hunt and deciding upon an outfitter to help you have a successful Maine bear hunting experience, you will have your best opportunity for taking a bear with Mountain View Drifter Lodge & Outfitters. We are experienced bear hunting outfitters that hunt bears in the Katahdin region of Maine. A Maine black bear hunt with us will provide you with a quality hunting experience. From the moment you arrive at our 4200 square foot modern home, to the day you leave with your trophy bear and a lifetime of bear hunting memories, you will know you made the right choice when you booked your Maine bear hunt with us.

We have approximately 200 square miles of bear hunting territory to hunt bear on. We spend weeks preparing and tending to the bear bait sites before you arrive in camp. This helps us ensure you have bears on the bait site you will hunt. Once you have taken your bear, we will skin, quarter and freeze it for transportation back to your home. There is a good local taxidermist that is very experienced in mounting Maine black bears, that you may leave your bear with to be mounted.

We typically hunt bears in the afternoon. You will have a fabulous meal at 11:30 a.m., and then plan on getting in your stand by 2 p.m. After an afternoon of hunting bears, and an evening of retrieving the bears that were killed that day, there is nothing like a great meal and the chance to swap bear hunting stories. Our hunters eat like kings. You will never leave the table hungry when you hunt with us. There is something about a great meal, good friends and bear hunting stories that really add to your Maine bear hunting adventure.

We are easily located. Take Interstate 95 north to exit 244 in Medway, Maine. Follow hospital signs approximately 12 miles into Millinocket. We are exactly 1.4 miles past the hospital entrance on Route 11. Millinocket is in the heart of black bear country. Millinocket is surrounded by millions of acres of woodland that is accessible to fully licensed and insured outfitters. We look forward to helping you fulfill your black bear hunting dream here in Millinocket, Maine at Mountain View Drifter Lodge & Outfitters - your Maine bear hunting connection.

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